In today's rapidly changing & complex environment, Verifacts is aware of the need for it to support its clients in recruiting the most desirable personnel, thus ensuring greater productivity, lower emplo- yee turnover, lower loss- time and lower cost in training/re-training of their employees.
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Verifacts, a MODERN INDIA ENTERPRISE Company, is a background/antecedents verification Organisation, specializing in the field of Candidate Authentication Program (CAP). Headquartered in Bangalore, with seven other branches in India and several associates across the globe, Verifacts provides its services to a large number of Multinational & National companies worldwide.

Our strong process oriented framework in the screening process has been a major contributor to the success of our projects for various MNCs and national organizations. At Verifacts, our commitment to quality and trust has helped us gain alliance partners who share these very same ethos. In such a dynamic business environment we have held our place and have been recognized by industry leaders.We have been empanelled by NSR(NASSCOM) for its India-wide background/antecedent verification initiatives.