Maximizing Returns: The ROI of Background Screening for Business Security

In today’s dynamic business environment, safeguarding assets and ensuring a secure workplace is crucial. One vital aspect of risk management is background screening. Investing in thorough screening processes can yield significant returns, both tangible and intangible. Here’s a look at how background screening enhances safety, security, and overall business success. Reducing Turnover Costs– Filter Out […]

Navigating Employment Gaps: Unveiling the Importance of Gap Check Verification in India

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, employers across India are turning to comprehensive background verification checks to evaluate candidate suitability. While traditional checks scrutinize education and employment history, the spotlight is now on gap check verification—a vital tool for investigating unexplained breaks in employment. #What is Gap Check Verification? This verification method delves into the […]

Title: Decoding Background Verification for Blue Collar and White Collar Employees

Blue Collar vs. White Collar: Understanding the Distinctions White-collar and blue-collar employees differ in work nature, skills, and environments. White-collar roles involve cognitive tasks in office settings, while blue-collar roles entail manual or physical work in industries like construction and manufacturing. Blue-Collar Employee Verification: Ensuring Skill and Reliability Verify work experience, vocational training, and technical […]

Navigating Virtual Recruitment and Hiring in Uncertain Times

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the ability to adapt and innovate is crucial for success. This adaptability extends to the recruitment and hiring process, which has undergone significant shifts in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, accelerated the adoption of virtual hiring practices, forcing organizations to rethink traditional methods and embrace a more digital approach. Adapting Business Continuity Plans for Virtual […]

A Little Goes A Long Way: Choose Background Verifications For Hiring Right!


Why do we exist? To make hiring breezy for you. At Verifacts, we understand the consequences of hiring the wrong team member. Whether a past that is dotted with offenses or a personality that affects your organization’s productivity, we understand how a wrong hire can turn things upside down for your company and your people.  […]

Fake It Till You Make It? Strong NO


The phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ floats around every professional environment as a shortcut to success. However, how beneficial is such a process, really? Our Bangalore office once received a verification request from one of our reputed clients for a certain candidate for a mid-senior level role. This candidate’s profile reflected strong claims […]