Why do we exist?

To make hiring breezy for you. At Verifacts, we understand the consequences of hiring the wrong team member. Whether a past that is dotted with offenses or a personality that affects your organization’s productivity, we understand how a wrong hire can turn things upside down for your company and your people. 

Whether it’s educational or identity checks, we urge you to ensure that a detailed background verification is carried out to keep your team safe. Sometimes, financial details and account information furnished could be someone else’s; this is also one of the ways identity theft occurs. Our teams work hard to gather information from multiple databases to ensure that you are not given the wrong details by a candidate or taken advantage of by a prevailing employee. Routine checks are necessary to ensure that those working for you are honest, loyal and free from any ill intentions. A simple, yet impactful case to take away knowledge from is how people furnish wrong & misdirected pension & EPF account details to secure funds that they are not deserving of. An EPF amount, however minimal at the beginning, adds up to securing your future with quick access and long-term build up. Similarly, those that depend on rightfully earned pensions are frauded by misrepresentation and lies. 

We make this easy by carrying out financial checks and account verifications to give you information and clarity on who your candidate is, what their intentions are and whether you should hire or reject their application.

For example, when it comes to adding to your candidate’s provident fund or providing a pension benefit, it is important to check their details before depositing funds; who knows where your payment could be going, right?

Fraud can take place in any form. And an EPF and Pension scheme is where the lesser known, but more frequent places where fraud takes place. In October & November, the EPFO has settled almost 35, 000 fraud claims where one has furnished someone else’s details and faked identities to access wrongly taken funds. A verification of employee data or a regular check-through helps in clearing confusions caused in the first place. 

A quick fact verification could have helped save many of these cases. Hiring the right way involves carrying out all kinds of verifications. After all, a team that trusts each other is far more valuable than one that offers fake information to have a more glorious looking profile. The devil is in the details, and we help you hire smarter, better & faster. Prevention is always better than punishment. Get in touch today to make sure you are building your organization the right way! 

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