A lie worth 12 Lakhs

Integrity trumps merit… and is always worth much more…  

The HR Department of a reputed media firm was on the verge of hiring a new department head for their online vertical. She was smart and well reputed in the industry. She was however a very expensive hire if she was on boarded. 

In a discussion with the GM of the business, the Head of HR mentioning that her last drawn salary was INR 2 Lakh a month. Something about that did not sit right with the General Manager and he asked the HR head to look into the matter via Verifacts, the Verification Agency of the Media Firm. He was quite certain, he said that her last company was not able to pay that kind of figure. 

Verifacts has a five-year contract with this Media firm and regularly conducts address and previous employment checks for them. However, addressing this salary issue had to be done in a more discreet way… The Candidate was requested to send the HR a litany of documents. Late pay stubs, Bank details and Educational Certificates. She did so without hesitation. 

What she didn’t realize was that the verification agency was not going to rely on the physical bank stubs as evidence of the pay. Instead, they combed through her bank credit column and identified the salary transactions from the last employer. Indeed, they were considerably lower than what she had projected the salary to be. If the HR department had signed her on, they would be paying her exactly a lakh more each month according to the last drawn salary she had projected. 

This information was sent to the GM of the company. He was furious about how the candidate had tried to take advantage of the Agency and forge her own pay stubs to push forward her agenda. Talent or not, a liar was refused entry into his organization.

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