AI tools are popping up around us faster than ever, and our world and it’s people are beyond excited to have their lives made easier. However, a new entrant always calls for some queries, doubts and concerns. For example, hiring professionals are excited yet concerned about how AI could be used to help them evaluate talent – an issue that has been ongoing for years together.

While we are all very hyped about using AI in our day to day life as well as work life, it is best to be cautious as with every new thing we are. The temptation to embrace such tools will want to take over, but we must be cautious until improvements, testing and perfecting of these tools is done. While it is advisable to be careful, we mustn’t dismiss their use entirely in the hiring and HR field.

Efficient But Risky
Generative AI saves you from the trouble of consulting the internet for every little doubt and question. It also saves you from spending too much time creating reports and summaries; it SUMMARIZES for you. However, with every activity there is a degree of risk involved. Here, if you use AI to create job descriptions, this may prove to be tricky. Prompts of the internet while creating such summaries may not be a practical choice. There may be some details you wish to omit or some you need as a mandate. This may not prove to be as beneficial as AI may miss or force these details without you realizing.

Lack Of Restriction
While creating official documents or submissions there are a few guard rails that prevent the language efficiency of AI from being synonymous with your organization’s brand language. This may end up being a high risk when generating interview questions for jobs that are specific and unusual.

Hazy Consistency
Generative AI that is used to draw conclusions and concrete reports can end up making mistakes and not retain consistency as one would like. From summarizing resumes or using tools to compare profiles. This also ends up violating privacy policies to an extent that it could be illegal or unethical. Generative AI tools have not been cleared for use by companies to use by hiring agencies on a large or entire scale. There is no doubt that AI is helping us scale heights, streamline workflows and ease up on deadlines by completing work at lightning speed. However, as a beta-testing, AI tools are still a long way from being perfect and entirely reliable. As we learn further about their limitations as well as their strong capabilities, AI tools may just be the next big thing but……NOT YET

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