Should one spend on background checks for junior staff or entry-level employees? A common question that crosses every employer’s mind is should they spend on screening such candidates in the first place.
It is for a much-known fact that most entry-level staff are only testing waters and are constantly job-hopping. Investing in the recruiting process and background checks on candidates that only end up saying goodbye to the company within a few months is strenuous.
Choosing the best-suited background check for the candidate applying for certain positions can save you a whole lot of time and money.  A reference check for candidates involved in jobs that do not involve high-risk information should suffice. A thorough background check like a court record or drug test can be used for staff interacting with customers directly. However, checking vital traits like integrity and sincerity are difficult but with the help of psychometric tests, these too can be solved. 
Hiring the wrong candidate at the managerial level can be disastrous too. Not only does it cost the company money but also affects employee morale and performance.  Thus it is imperative for companies to authenticate every new hire irrespective of the job or designations. One can choose from among the various types of checks that are available and apply the most appropriate tool to validate their concerns. 

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