When it comes to background verifications, documentation is the prime evidence of sorts. It is the guiding light to begin your checking and verifications in a systematic and smooth manner. Most documentations offered by applicants are educational and identity based. However, an important aspect of background verifications is to ensure that banking documents and financial activities are monitored too.
Something as simple as a Bank Statement of your applicant can tell you a lot about where they spend, how they save and what connections they hold. A careful analysis of this document can help reveal various details about who they deal with on a regular basis and why. For example, to corroborate the last available salary that an applicant claims to receive can be double-checked in a bank statement with ease. While salary slips and reconfirmations can be forged, a bank statement will never provide false details. Most recruiters do not take this aspect of documentation as seriously as they should, and false claims are not properly verified.
At Verifacts, a banking verification is one of the first and foremost checks carried out, to cross verify the actual salary received by the applicant in his/her previous employment. Our teams work together to verify details based on the banking statements to give you a clear picture of whether your applicant is making genuine statements or falsifying details for a better pay package. These claims, if fraudulent, are then taken up during interviews to get to the real picture. Deception is a prime killer when it comes to an organization’s success; and we ensure that your teams are hired based on genuine information and we leave no stone unturned to bring you a clear picture!

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