It’s quite evident how the last few years have been tough on the talent industry and the hiring agencies. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows as well as frustrations from trying to get through the workday without breaking in spirit Because of not knowing what comes next, whether the current scenario is permanent and what may happen if the adversities increase.

Today’s job market is extremely intense, and competitive and won’t take shortcuts. Some companies are on a crazy hiring spree while others are laying off team members left, right, and center. While most people are setting down intentions and ways of looking at today’s world in a better light, here are some of the resolutions we have decided to adopt for a better view of the future:

The most significant shift in mindsets we have noticed is in the talent pools for every industry. Candidates are more critical of employers as they are looking to secure their futures too. They know their worth and their capabilities which don’t allow them to settle anymore. The impact of the pandemic and resignations alongside it brought about many changes and a power shift in the markets between employers and employees.

Their expectations have evolved making sure they don’t just settle for bread and butter. Understanding what it is that interests them, motivates them, and keeps them hooked to work for you is important. From values, cultures, and working environments to transparency in every process; there are many aspects to look into to understand how to hire better talent.

When it comes to talking about the process of hiring, mindsets have changed here too. Quality over quantity is preferred and speed, cost and quality are the major tools to get to an optimal hiring journey. From pre-hire to post-hire, these three aspects bring stability to an unpredictable market too.

As we evolve and shift our mindsets, our actions to accommodate those mindsets must change too. Prevention is always better than punishment!

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