While logistics is a large industry, delivery agencies can fall into legal troubles very easily if a delivery process goes wrong. Many times, delivery agencies, like one reputed online retail client we have had, ensure that correct background verifications and checks are conducted before employing delivery agents & logistical runners for their deliveries & couriers.

The organization was on the verge of finalizing the candidate for the position of a delivery agent for a prime locality. As standard protocol for all their new hires & rechecks of current employees, the organization conducted a thorough background verification. These verifications involve criminal record checks too. Upon checking the criminal record & history of the candidate, a red flag popped up. His record showed that he had been booked for a crime; minor, yet cannot go unnoticed. Theft of electricity is rampant, and this candidate was booked for the same. Now, as a delivery service & online retail, the question stands: can he be trusted with valuable goods that are to be delivered to loyal & new customers? Is it a wise choice?

The team members of the organization’s hiring committee decided unanimously to reject his candidature for the position and moved on after the final round to review the other applications in place. As Benjamin Franklin quips “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

While criminal records must be considered in the past, they do reflect the personality and character traits of an applicant that play a major role in deciding whether such applicants should be hired or not.

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