The rise of artificial intelligence and technology has given a boost to many industries and organizations to produce, process and deliver faster and more accurately. For example, when it comes to services like background verification there are many formulas to follow; many combinations of details to check in different ways.

Gone are the days when background verification agencies had to keep ringing up references, scouring offices for documents or following up with other offices to get minor details verified. With the advent of AI and how it is being leveraged in the field by many agencies, scaling up has been exponential and prospects for growth are even better!

How does it help?

Speeding up reports
While many organizations follow the traditional route of getting information on a more personal basis, AI helps cut down delivery times in half, if not more, by putting together resources and conducting automatic database searches to match details furnished by candidates. Reports are generated automatically by softwares, ready to hand over to clients.

Stronger Analysis
Latest technological Integrated Softwares has a stronger capability of bringing together details and matching facts than us as humans. Softwares, programmed the right way, dig deeper in databases and find patterns, facts, hidden details as well as helps filter out irrelevant points too.

Better Focus
Softwares skip the clamour – literally. With the influx of major data from sources galore, programmed software has the capability of sifting through data to find real-use facts faster than humankind. AI helps speed up your reporting process by getting rid of what is unnecessary and only using data that is useful in your reports.

At Verifacts, we evolve as the times change. And in time, we have brought to our clients: VIBE, our very own end-to-end background verification software that provides quick solutions and extreme flexibility. The web-based tool is hosted on a cloud platform without taking up too much space on your servers and also ensures that data is not lost and is accessible from anywhere, at any time, by any authorized personnel.

VIBE is our answer to clients: with the expertise of Verifacts, coupled with technology that does not fail to impress. A solution to all your verification needs; at the click of a button. So while we embrace change in all walks of our lives, it is also time to welcome the evolution of technology in services like background verification.

Speedier reports, quick verifications make room for seamless hiring processes. Prevention, after all, is always better than punishment

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