When we talk about employee verifications, most companies tend to only re-confirm past employment, some financial records and names of universities that one has attended. However, there are times when we find that a candidate has mentioned the name of a university that does not even exist. Yes, this is a fact. 

This is mainly because of the source of the situation: the university itself. Many-a-times, there are institutions that tempt new students to enroll themselves into a program that looks enticing, only to find out after a period of time that the university is non-existent; that their records are fake and they have been misinformed. For example, in India, the UGC has issued a notice that the AIIPPHS is not a legitimate institute.

This institute was awarding degrees to students, essentially churning out classrooms full of students ready to begin their careers with degrees that they don’t even know are fake and inadmissible. Such felonies must come to light and be taken action upon. Apart from wrongful hiring, these students gave years of their prime to be educated by institutions that claim to offer bright futures for them. We urge you all to stay aware of where you are putting your time and money, after all, it is your life and your future.

This fact came to light during some background verification processes and was reported to governing authorities. The authorities have taken stringent measures to ensure that the public, parents, students, and stakeholders are made aware that the self-styled and proclaimed institute holds no legitimacy and will not be considered a valid education. 

While parents work hard to educate their children from the best in the segments, these fraudulent institutions swindle them for easy admissions and fake visions. However, with advanced technologies and companies that carry out diligent verifications, stakeholders, students, and applicants are well-supported and safeguarded from such practices when caught in time. 

Background verifications don’t only help at the stage of employment. Sometimes the bigger picture is finding details, publicly announcing warnings for those that may be scammed, and ensuring that wrongful practices are eliminated, and background verifications help in bringing these to light. Prevention is always better than punishment, everywhere! 

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