An uncommon yet plausible way to fraudulently pass a background verification is by having your verifier miss checking EPF accounts. We encountered one such case at Verifacts and saved the day for one of our clients who was on the verge of hiring a wrong candidate.

An applicant from Andhra Pradesh presented as the perfect candidate for a job profile. He cleared all checks like education, references, and financials. However, in all the verification processes, our team ended with an EPFO check.

On going through records and details, our team found that he had been employed by three companies in the past. However, this was not the red flag. The red flag was that all 3 companies were still depositing his dues every month until the current time too. Our team instantly notified our client who then checked and found that the candidate had not formally informed the earlier companies and was latching on to multiple jobs for EPF payouts.

Our teams work hard to unearth frauds and false details to secure you and your firm from wrong hiring avenues. Prevention is always better than punishment!

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