The jewelry industry in every part of the world is a high-risk field with very valuable materials, whether it’s ready jewelry, stones, metal or money. While being a very high-risk sector, it is also a very highly unorganized field where jewelry store owners handle most of the incomings and outgoings themselves, apart from a few trusted colleagues. This tends to become a problem because there is only so much responsibility one can take on before mistakes are made.

In India, many jewelry stores, factories and units carry out stringent background verification before hiring candidates as the task list involves handling highly-priced components at any given time. Ethics, morality and background is always in question when it comes to hiring for the field. Many times, we see that store owners and jewelers employ those that come through close references or through their own friend circle to maintain the trust factor; however, this backfires sometimes too due to the character traits of the person being employed.

When hiring for the back-office and labor, the candidates usually come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and must be vetted thoroughly before being hired. A civil and criminal check must be made mandatory in such cases to ensure that they have a clean record and pure intentions while working at a jewelry store or factory.

For example, very recently, we came across a case in Kolkata where a cargo company employee was caught red-handed stealing jewelry worth almost 6 lakhs. He had been assigned to send three packets of gold ornaments through the courier company and decided to take matters into his own hands. He stopped all communication and disappeared with the ornaments. In such cases, this is an indication of how important a background verification and proper criminal check is essential; not only in the field of jewelry but also connected services like logistics and delivery partners.

Prevention is always better than punishment!

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