In the world of job hunts and job confirmations, there are many levels involved. From applying
for a job to interviewing for it, we meet many people along the way. However, despite the best
intention of hiring managers and those responsible for your job confirmation, there is a certain
level of unconscious bias that exists. Studies show that unconsciously hiring managers tend to
choose those that come from higher socio-economic status and also males over females,
without realizing that they are coming from a place of bias.
While HR departments work hard to ascertain the best candidate for a job and leave bias
behind, there are some more steps and helpful tools that could be put in place to eliminate or at
least reduce the level of unconscious bias that occurs when choosing who to confirm for a job:
AI is here!
Going through tons of applications can be tedious and time-consuming. However, with the
arrival of AI in our world, this has become a quick and easy task. Your assessment may be
biased without realizing, but an AI software sorts through profiles purely on the basis of
qualifications and skills; the first step cleared by automation. AI has helped give headhunters
and hiring managers a headstart in their hiring processes while still maintaining fairness and
The right intention
As grown adults, we are all aware that a certain grade of bias is unconsciously held. But as
grown adults, we also must make an intentional effort to do something about it. As a hiring
manager, it is important to work on yourself to constantly shun bias as it enters the mind. The
best way to be intentional about hiring right is:

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