Hiring drivers is much harder than one can think. After all, your life is literally in your driver’s hands when you are commuting or traveling. Whether it’s an accident, style of driving or credentials, caution must be taken in order to hire a trustworthy and experienced driver for your personal and professional needs.

One of our clients, a banking giant, was in the process of hiring drivers to be employed for their senior management staff; for daily back and forth as well as office errands. As their trusted agency for all background verifications, we made sure to investigate everyday candidate before they could proceed with hiring steps.

As this was a sensitive hiring case, we suggested adding a criminal history check to the mix to ensure that all bases were covered. Thankfully, all address checks came back clear without any issues. However, we conducted criminal checks and found that one of the drivers had a hit and run case lodged against him, still ongoing in court. This fact was not mentioned in his application form. We brought this to the notice of our clients who took appropriate action instead of blindly hiring him on faith. Prevention is always better than punishment!

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