A background verification entails various details like education, previous employment, references, behavioral testimonies, identity and offenses. One of the most important out of these verifications is an address check of where you physically reside while applying for a position at a company. Why is this done?

Sometimes, companies receive applications from those that are not residing in proper homes in the same city as they have applied. It is a form of identity check to know that your applicant has a suitable place to stay, along with surety of them being at the job after being hired. Not having a confirmed place of residence raises flags about stability, liquidity as well as reliability at a workspace.

Your company should be made free from any form of liabilities. An address verification aids in ensuring that a wrong hire does not turn out to be dangerous for your organization or fellow team members. Trust is a major factor when it
comes to hiring and a complete address verification solidifies your employer’s trust in you, as you come from stability and honesty.

During a physical address verification, we send our team members to the given residential address to physically ascertain whether the candidate has been living there, and by checking with neighbors and gathering references. Duration of stay, legalities and living conditions are checked, confirmed and reported back to clients.

This is typically done along with a criminal record check because there are times when a candidate claims to be living at a certain location and carries out thefts at the workspace or other locations close-by which causes trouble for the
organization that hired him. On searching through records and visiting the location physically later, no trace of the candidate is found to ever be living there. To prevent such incidents, it is always recommended to conduct a physical
address verification to know the ins & outs of all details furnished by your candidate. Getting personal references from neighbors helps strengthen your reports too.

At Verifacts, our teams work hard to uncover every little detail about your candidate’s profile. Whether it is discrepancies in education, past employment, identity or offenses, we do our best to make sure you are safeguarded. A
successful organization is one that is mindful at the time of hiring candidates. This helps ensure that you hire the right people for your company to scale heights and numbers.

Your organization needs to be a safe space for team members. As employers, it is your duty to carry out background verifications for every kind of aspect of a candidate’s details to ensure that you are not putting your other team members in harm’s way. Prevention is always better than punishment!

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