As a background verification company, it is our duty to help you discover every truth and transparency about your candidates & applicants. While a profile can look very impressive with excellent education & experience, it is important to verify minor details & get feedback from references. 

One such case opens your eyes to how choosing one’s payscale matters. One of our loyal clients, an esteemed organization, received a candidate for a mid-tier job vacancy. While the profile of the candidate was very impressive with excellent details, our team was asked to verify all details. The candidate passed every verification test, except for one. His salary. 

Our team contacted the HR department of his previous employer and spoke with them to verify the salary slips & salary value he had claimed. Turns out the candidate had lied by claiming a double salary than he was earning at his previous job. Thankfully, our team confirmed these details and found out that the documents submitted were falsified and the candidate had lied about his earlier pay in order to get our client to pay 100% higher. All’s well that ends well, and our client was safeguarded from a fraudulent hire! 

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