We all know that a major part of the world suffered being laid off during the coronavirus pandemic. Beginning from early 2020 until the end of 2021, we all have had trouble maintaining jobs and finding new ones after being laid off forcefully. However, this has not fared as well for many among those that have been laid off and so their profiles seem to be holding a large time-gap. 

However, we have noticed during verification processes, that many candidates happened to have held their jobs throughout the pandemic without a waver. While this may have been a strong possibility, our teams dug deeper to find that many of the profiles that were submitted during job applications had misinformed employers of their leaving dates at certain jobs. While they had been laid off by the former companies, they still continued to display a profile that had them yet employed till current dates. 

Why do people do this?

While most people are confident about justifying and explaining a time-gap in their profiles, the majority of employees find that it is a fact that is widely looked down upon by prospective employers. Hence, a lie is more comforting to them than the brutal truth.

As background verification agencies, we uncover the truth that is hidden in this falsification of information to safeguard your hiring team from wrongful hiring processes. We urge candidates to be confident of the time gap in their profiles and refrain from mentioning the wrong details in their resumes as this brings more questionability about your profile than the gap of unemployment that can be explained at some point. Prevention is always better than punishment! 

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