Many a-times we overwork ourselves, burn out and lose our productivity and skills. It takes a long time to build back from how successful we used to be, because we overworked ourselves and now don’t have the energy or mental strength to do any more. Lately, more and more people, whether working at offices or from their homes are facing turmoil with handling and juggling tasks at work and at home. This has them all ready to throw in the towel and kiss goodbye to a career. This doesn’t have to be this way, though. 

When it comes to working through multiple tasks, one must set a routine. Small changes to your day to day living can make all the difference to how you take charge of your day and perceive your working lifestyle. Your job can become your dream job and your life can become your dream life with simple time-management and prioritization skills, you know?

Here are 5 practical ways to avoid burnout and keep yourself hale, hearty and refreshed at work and during your day to day living too. 

Find your ‘Smilestone’ habit

We call this a ‘Smilestone’ because it’s a habit that you look forward to, one that makes you smile, leaves you energized and happy. The positive activities you tend to engage in, to get away from stress become your Smilestone habits. It could be completing your step count for the day, dinner with your close friends or simply securing a screen-free sleep. Yes, these work well to keep you balanced and not overworked. Make sure you take time out for a daily Smilestone habit – journaling also can be one!

Warning signs?

When burning out, you tend to behave and react in certain ways. This can be dealing with exhaustion, becoming more irritable and cynical or slowing down majorly at work — when you see yourself achieving less targets & not completing tasks on time, this is when you need to make note of warning signs. 

Breaks make it okay!

When you know you’ve got a long day coming up, it’s a good habit to schedule breaks in between. Whether it’s a short stroll, down for a coffee or simply a quick nap, make sure you take enough breaks in-between tasks to stay refreshed and productive.


We cannot stress enough about how water plays a major role in making you feel good. The minimum that one should consume is 2 liters of water a day. The more the better. Your gut is healthy, your mind is healthy and you are lighter on your feet everyday!

Prioritize & Delegate

These two tasks go hand-in-hand when it comes to completing tasks in a fluid manner. Prioritizing based on time consumed, importance and quickness of delivery of tasks and reports. Prioritizing helps streamline the day or the week’s task list and delegating tasks to your team members helps in collaborating workforces towards a common goal well within timelines. 

While we all work hard to achieve our goals, it is very important to take a beat and reflect on how we are doing mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. Make sure you give yourself time to recover & refresh! 

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