In April 2023, IRDAI introduced game-changing cyber security guidelines, fortifying the insurance industry against evolving threats. 🚀 Get the scoop on the new norms and how they reshape the hiring landscape.

👉 **Background Checks Take Center Stage!**
IRDAI mandates HR to conduct external background checks for new hires, ensuring credentials and references align with fit-and-proper criteria. The emphasis extends to third-party service providers.

🔍 **Policy 2.4 Unveiled: “Human Resource Security”**
Dive into the details! HR security spans pre-employment, duration of employment, and termination. Learn the key protocols and practices outlined in Policy 2.4.

🔄 **Evolution from 2017 to 2023!**
Trace the evolution of guidelines, initially for insurers in 2017, later embracing insurance intermediaries in 2022. Stay in the loop with the sector’s progressive shifts.

🌐 **Next Steps: Managing Risk and Due Diligence**
Explore the significance of background verification as a proactive risk management tool. Uncover steps for tightening onboarding processes and making background checks integral to governance.

💼 **Verifacts – Your Trusted Ally in Background Checks!**
Discover how Verifacts, a global background check leader, can elevate your organization’s hiring decisions. Leverage regional expertise, advanced technology, and reliable global capabilities.

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