Social media has become a vital communication channel for candidates and employers, with 3.78 billion users worldwide in 2021. Platforms like LinkedIn, boasting 750+ million professional users, play a key role in professional networking globally.

As 90% of employers leverage social media for candidate evaluation, it’s crucial to adopt best practices. Enhance your social media screening process with these tips:

1. **Identify Key Risks:**
   Tailor your screening to address specific organizational concerns—be it legal, brand, or cultural risks. Candidates represent your brand, influence customers, and access company resources; focus on areas aligning with your business priorities.

2. **Evaluate and Update:**
   Assess your existing screening program, ensuring it adapts to societal changes. Regularly update processes to align with evolving standards and compliance requirements.

3. **Partner for Compliance:**
   Collaborate with a screening partner for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance. Navigating compliance alone is challenging, and a third party can assist in creating an ethical, risk-aware process.

Establishing a clear social media policy is equally essential. Define expectations for employee and candidate behavior online, protecting your brand’s values. Collaborate with legal experts to craft or update your social media policy.

The benefits of effective social media screening include a consistent process covering information collection, FCRA compliance, data accessibility, and decision-making authorization. This robust process safeguards your business from negligent hiring lawsuits.

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