Thefts are very common whether at your workspace or your personal spaces. Theft is the act of stealing: physical materials, personal materials or sensitive data. Theft at workspaces can occur in many forms: from the workspace, from employees’ person or from the organizational system. One such way to prevent theft is to thoroughly vet your applicants before hiring them. 

Whether they are capable of or have already carried out workspace theft, data theft or personal theft at their previous workspaces or while studying at university; this information helps guide you towards the right decisions when it comes to hiring a candidate regardless of how impressive their profile may seem. 

Theft can seem minor at first, but when it builds up repeatedly and reaches a public eye can be scandalous for an organization. It can evolve into major legal issues with serious repercussions. One such case came our way a few years ago, where an organization was in the midst of hiring a certain someone for a mid-level administrative job. Their connection with us led us to conduct a thorough background verification which revealed that he has been involved in serial petty theft at previous workspaces. The applicant used to steal furniture and abscond from his earlier employers for several months, before joining a new workspace. 

This helped the organization dismiss his application and avoided them from blindly hiring a thief at their organization, in turn saving themselves a ton of paperwork & legal matters in the future. 

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