An education check is as important as a criminal, social or employment check. Our Bangalore team was catering to a request by one of our long-standing clients with a background check for various applicants for a position they were trying to fill. In carrying out other checks, an education verification was required too.

One of the candidates cleared employment and criminal checks, but we paused on his education check. The degree submitted seemed edited and false, which is why our team decided to dig deeper. The candidate submitted a letter confirming that the degree is true and genuine. Since this was printed on the university letterhead, we could not tell if it was genuine or fake.

We reached out to the highest authority on the campus and asked them to look into the matter. A few days later, we were informed that no such student ever joined their classes and the documents provided were false. We alerted our clients who took requisite action. Prevention is always better than punishment! 

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