Our homes are our temples, our families are our dearest people. When we hire domestic help, drivers or other service providers that visit our homes and our premises frequently with freedom and are with us most of the time, it is essential to check and verify all their details before confirming a hire. For example, if you are hiring a stay-at-home servant for your home chores, cooking and errands, it is vital to know that they will not misuse your appliances or offerings at home or take advantage of grocery spends and such. To eliminate the assumption that they may be dangerous or harmful is also as foolish as hiring someone without knowing their true personality and background.

We must take utmost care when hiring domestic help and service providers for our home or our families to avoid theft, misrepresentation, dangerous crimes and other felonies. It is important to collect references, double-check all details and ensure that you know the person in and out before confirming their hire. 

Apart from general education verification, we recommend that clients choose to check criminal and civil complaints records along with getting true references of past employers for an in-depth understanding of their daily behavior and personality traits. Lastly, a financial check is always necessary to understand where the candidates spend their money and if they are involved in any debts, illegal activities or wrong expenses. 

Oftentimes, employers choose to avoid conducting background verifications and identity checks to reduce their expenditures. The tediousness of collecting data, compiling it, cross-referencing it and confirming it is another reason that employers take a step back from actually checking the details furnished by service & help providers. However, at Verifacts our team of experts conducts these activities and brings you comprehensive reports of all findings & information. We urge our clients to always conduct verifications of small-time domestic help, drivers, gardeners and other service providers due to the responsibilities that they would take on; safe and sound is how we love our homes and family members, and to ensure this, a proper checking & verifying is required. 

For example, in Lucknow recently, a little over INR 50 lacs was stolen from a businessman. Turns out, the mastermind behind the crime got in touch with the victim’s former driver and planned out the entire heist. Similarly, a businessman in Gosaigunj lost INR 35 lacs to a robbery planned & executed by his driver. 

These crimes happen often in cities of India and often go unnoticed until much later, when truly nothing can be done because the thieves & felons run away scot-free before they can be nabbed. We always urge all our clients to be safer than sorry. After all, prevention is always better than punishment and this is why a document verification is essential even when hiring domestic help at your homes! 

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