In today’s time, there are various methods organizations adopt to vet their candidates to the T before hiring them. Some of these background verifications include education, employment, criminal as well as social media investigations. These give the employers a keener look into the details provided by an applicant as well as their true life behind-the-scenes. A reality of the candidate’s everyday living as well as their honest accomplishments and claims. 

One of these verifications adopted by many organizations these days is a psychometric test. A new kid on the block when it comes to verification tools, but a very handy one which helps give you a scientific insight into a candidate’s personality, skills & abilities, a psychometric test is one that you should know all about. 

Psychometric testing is usually based on questionnaires, personality tests and judgements which give you a deeper and more raw insight into how a candidate truly handles situations and what techniques are used to resolve them. In basic words, it gives an employer an idea of how a candidate will really perform on the job. 

So, who really uses these as a verification tool? Many companies conduct psychometric screenings like finance-oriented companies, medical organizations and many more that need a stable-sound-minded individual as part of their teams. What can you check in these tests?

Leadership styles

Managerial effectiveness

General abilities & skills

Spatial & motor skills

Interpersonal orientation & openness 

Sales aptitudes

Conflict management & behavioral aptitude

Stress measurement & management capabilities

Soft skills are characteristics of a candidate that may be tough to measure merely by looking at their profile. A psychometric test helps you get a deeper view into one’s soft skills like flexibility, willingness to work as part of a team, capability to lead, communication effectiveness and much more. After all, the person you are hiring represents your organization, works with your teams and also holds important responsibilities towards your growth. 

Candidates are known to paint a rosy picture to organizations that they are pitching their skills to. It is very hard to ascertain whether their details are correctly informed. And if so, whether they are of the right mindset to work well with your teams & goals. Valuable information comes forth in psychometric tests that help you know whether the candidate is truly a right fit for your companies. 

Many organizations choose to conduct a psychometric test even during training periods and on their existing teams too; in order to perform better, you need to know whether those working for you are comfortable, productive and of sound mind too. 

Digging deep has always been fruitful when it comes to cautious hiring. So why stop only at generic background verifications. Know who you are hiring; know them well. Prevention is always better than punishment! 

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