Here it is, the most run of the mill experience by a job seeker: So, you’ve posted a job vacancy on a recruitment website and the next thing you know, your inbox is flooded with resumes of very promising candidates, promising in inverted commas. 

Then begins the scrutiny: the googly of a screening process – you dump the ones who do not fit the job description, you reject the one with no experience, you shortlist some and are wary of few others that fit the bill but somehow you wonder why would a candidate of such repute apply for a role that is not as prestigious as his current position, so you begin judging. 
Anyway, you schedule the interview and select the deserving candidates. Well, that’s what you think of them; as deserving – until you unearth some facts that lay hidden at the time of recruiting. Rewind!! 
Just like, the case of a leading car rental company that employed a top executive only to find out that he had not disclosed a previous history of sexual harassment. Why would he though? No? Often, senior hires are taken at face value without any background checks. 
Organizations must be cautious in BOLD letters and go beyond what is merely mentioned on a candidate’s résumé. Candidates leave organizations for several reasons which are not mentioned on their resume, for obvious reasons. The time of interview or joining is far-fetched for this information then. Complete background verification is what plays the trump card then. 
In today’s fast-paced life where finding a job is difficult, many people resort to unethical practices like – faking details on resumes, forging documents, producing false certificates, and much more. The number of fake colleges and companies operating in the country is alarming and current-day resumes are boasting them with pride. Keeping a tab on such establishments is impossible for any company. Outsourcing this to background verification companies seems like the only legit way possible.
BGV companies maintain a database of fake universities and companies. They would instantly be able to tell if a candidate has mentioned a company from the fake list. This protects the quality and effort of your recruitment process. 
It is practically difficult to read in between the lines of a resume, courtesy: unexplained employment gaps. Hence, the need for background checks. 

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