As graduation day comes closer for new batches of bachelors’ and masters’ students, it’s also
time to plan your intake of job seekers to build your teams. Tailoring your benefits to suit recent
graduates as well as filtering through them the right way, there’s a lot to know about how to go
about hiring fresh-outta-school grads in a way that they benefit you and you teach them well too.

What Are You Offering?
With generations changing over time, it’s possible that what you are offering is not what a job
seeker may want in today’s time. More than money, today’s generation prefers flexible working
schedules, diversity, inclusivity as well as other perks and benefits like insurance, workplace
amenities, etc.

Build a partnership with universities!
Many universities have career departments that help connect organizations that are looking to
hire, with prospective candidates and students. Partnering with universities widens the pool for
hiring freshers with a thorough educational background.

Teach them too!
As recent graduates, your employees are dipping their toes into a job for the first time. Apart
from gaining your benefits, it is very important to teach them, mentor them and help advance
their careers by growing their skills and abilities. These opportunities are far more enticing to
graduates rather than just a pay package and a swanky office.

Avoid Exploiting
While hiring candidates at lower pay levels is very enticing and it makes you think that you could
extract a lot more work at a very less cost, avoid the chances of exploiting new talent. Help
them grow and give your company a good rep. Offer opportunities that any worker would be
interested in taking; make it worth their while with good experience and working environments

Campus Hiring
Many candidates get their perfect entry into the corporate or professional world by being hiring
right off campus. Be open to participating in career fairs as well as campus placement events; it
helps you focus on the right kind of candidates rather than fake or misrepresented candidates.
Campus placements, more often than not, guarantee authenticity and genuineness in profiles.

Build A Company Culture
Today’s generation values an organization’s vision and goals as much as the working culture
and values followed. Deep dive into being diverse, inclusive, positive and build long-term goals
that not only benefit your growth levels but also individually for your employees too. Grow as a
Make sure to incorporate these tips in your hiring textbook to get the best of the best for your
company from the start!

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