When it comes to rehiring employees to either temporarily fill vacant spaces or command a permanent position, we always recommend extra caution. Most companies trust their ex-employees to be truthful, faithful and diligent because they have already worked with them in the past. However, this is not always the case. People change every minute, and it is always the best process to conduct a background verification and identity check whenever you are hiring or re-hiring team members; no matter their tenure or their relationship with your organization. 

One such case came our way when a client was about to rehire an ex-employee to fill in a vacant position until they found someone suitable. We carried out a background verification as standard procedure to follow the company’s protocol and discovered that there was a gap in the information provided. 

The employee who had left the company earlier, had a 2-year gap in his resume had been asked to explain the gap; the false details provided were back-checked and the company claimed on his profile cleared up misinformation about him having worked there. 

Such incidents highlight and make us aware of many mishaps when conducting a background verification. We strive to ensure that all information provided is checked thoroughly before you choose to hire or rehire talent at your company. Prevention is always better than punishment! 

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