Marijuana, the most common drug to be consumed by the public, has been legalized in many countries, for example, the US. However, in India, this product in any form is banned and its consumption is punishable by law. The effects of marijuana are vast and long-lasting on one’s mental and physical health. 

Adverse effects arise when consumed as an addiction like chronic depression, addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, difficulty in decision making as well as long-term health effects on one’s physical body. For example, changes in appetite for the worse, slowed productivity, and lethargy, among others. A leading IT company is one of our clients and opts for routine drug testing verification services from our team. 

On investigating a certain candidate, we found that he cleared all parameters of his background check except for the drug reports. His reports revealed excessive levels of cannabis/THC in his blood test which was a major red flag, owing to heavy substance abuse. When hiring for important and sensitive roles, it is important to know your candidates inside and out. Prevention is always better than punishment!

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