At Verifacts, we do our best to unearth every little detail about your applicant and prospective job candidates to help you hire smarter and cautiously. While the Finance industry calls for more accounting-related backgrounds, many a times Sales related positions are to be filled too.

One such incident occurred with one of our clients that were in the financial sector, hiring a Sales Manager. Sugarcoating details and convincing customers for purchase is part of the job, not the application. However, one smart applicant furnished details in his profile that on verifying proved that he had falsely mentioned his salary as double the actual pay and faked his previous designation and tenure too. On speaking to his former employer, we learned that he had also lied about the job previous to the one we were inquiring about.

A serial liar and a sketchy seller? Blatant lies and misinformation can cost you your job, reputation, and future dearly. We are surprised that the previous company did not carry out a background verification and still does not despite having dealt with an employee that furnished false claims and a shoddy profile. 

Our study, verification, and checking process revealed multiple red flags owing to behavior, honesty, and diligence when we inquired at both his previous jobs. Our information and clarity on his true personality and tendencies saved our client from hiring the wrong candidate!

Background verification and a thorough identity check can save you millions in losses and also protect your team members and your workspaces! 

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