When it comes to exes, we’re all very apprehensive of taking them back. Here, we talk about professional exes, and how rehiring them can be a boon, if done the right way. When it comes to hiring, your background verification and identity check process must apply equally to new applicants as well as rehires. It is a vital part of any hiring process that allows for safe & secure team members. 

In a world like ours, quality of the workforce is becoming more nuanced day by day, and a need for checks and verifications is now more than ever. Many candidates, in order to secure a job and monthly pay package, tend to fabricate, alter and falsify details on their profile. This can include previous employment, reasons for gap in employment or even educational details. This is why carrying out an employment verification is essential to a healthy hiring process. 

Many organizations are now rapidly accepting and opting for background verification processes and identity checks to ensure that the team members being hired are of strong moral character, have true and honest details on their profile and will remain an asset to their company and not turn out to be thieves or a liability. However, many companies tend to rehire past employees blindly without carrying out any current background check. This can prove to be very dangerous to organizations and their teams. 

Sometimes an ex-employee may be unemployed for months on end without any justifiable reason or cause. This can be fabricated very easily on their profile and if there isn’t a team in place to check these details, then you may end up hiring an ex-employee that is dishonest, untrustworthy and could also have legal offenses to his name in the recent months. However, if you hire a verifying agency to cover these details and corroborate each and every claim on the profile, you are secured from a wrong hire. 

With new processes, automated checking systems, a seamless dashboard to access all your reports as well as tailored packages for verifications tuned to your needs, agencies today are disrupting the world of background verifications with quick & on-time delivery of reports true to the deepest nature. 

We always suggest that a company carries out a background verification whether it is a new applicant or an ex-employee. People change every minute of the day, what is the guarantee that your ex-employee may be of the same nature after so long? There isn’t. Which is why: prevention is always better than punishment! 

Make sure you hire better. Call us at Verifacts to understand how we can help you safeguard your organization and filter through employment candidates to find ‘the one’. 

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