Verifacts continuously strives for zero defect and high-quality recruitment processes in order to avoid any dubious backgrounds being encountered at a later stage.

A lot of examples of testing employees with fake resumes and other credentials have been a continuous challenge however what was extremely rare was one of the cases where the credentials surpassed excellence and the problem with the employee was one which could jeopardize efficiencies later into the work ethic.

The client was happy with this candidate, and all other checks including educational verification, employment verification and address verification were satisfactorily cleared. The company was notified and well, saved; when the standard and final procedure of drug test report indicated positive for Marijuana.

The company, on basis of its workplace safety policies for employees and general public was then adamant to go ahead with the candidate. This is how all the procedures for Employee Background Checks can be so helpful and should be inevitable for every recruitment procedure irrespective of level of staff.

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