The global IT industry is facing an undeniable talent shortage which makes it no secret that there are jobs to fill and seats to take. By 2030, we see a projected global talent shortage of over 85 million which could lead to a major loss in unrealised annual revenue. While hybrid working methods have widened the pool of candidates which in turn has widened the base of competitors for various organizations that are on the lookout for nothing but the best.

In a highly competitive and fast-laned IT market, there are three key areas to ace that ensure that your organization can attract the best talent:

A personality: Audiences & Candidates

Know your audience and intentionally create candidate personas that will attract the right applicants. Take time to explore cultures, patterns, likes and dislikes. Create candidatures that people want to take up and consider. Understand values and morals and create roles that feed these peculiarities. There is a large talent pool to engage into workforces; hiring managers must know that hitting when the iron is hot matters.

Become A Brand; A Culture!

As a workplace, make sure you offer yourself up as a brand. Make applicants want to be a part of your world. Build a culture that is conducive to workforces; that offers them the comfort and drive to be better and be there everyday. Showcase your team, your culture and your organization as a brand one cannot refuse. A strong social media presence is one way to achieve this; showcase opportunities, diversities, a strong mission and vision for your brand.

Employ brand ambassadors that fuse well with your company mission and values. Gen Z and millennials are turning to social media on a daily basis to find job openings and learn more about the world we live in. Give them a reason to stick to your pages.

The Experience: For Candidates!

Hiring and interviewing is a process on both ends. If it is a learning experience for you, it is also an experience for your candidates who will decide on whether to accept your offer based on how they are treated by you and how their hiring journey has been with you. Prioritize their importance in the way of constant communication, building rapports and completing stages quickly. Personalize their experience by respecting their time and effort, review their profiles meticulously so they are aware that you care about their application.

In today’s fast-paced candidate driven market, candidates choose from various job offers. Make it crucial to understanding how your hiring processes should be. Pay attention to an applicant’s needs and requirements as much as you need to fulfill yours too. Prevention, as always, is better than punishment. Hire right in the first go!

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