Why Conduct Employee Reference Checks?

Employee reference checks are more than a hiring formality; they are crucial for validating a candidate’s credentials. According to Verifacts, 16.31% of job applicants provide falsified information, ranging from employment history to educational qualifications. Reference checks help ensure that the details presented are accurate, uncovering any omissions or falsehoods.

Benefits of Employee Reference Checks

– **Verification of Employment:** Confirm that a candidate truly worked at their previous jobs.
– **Behavioral Insights:** Gain insights into how candidates interact with peers and handle workplace responsibilities.
– **Uncovering Misconduct:** Reveal any history of unsavory behavior, including verbal or physical abuse, that might not appear in a criminal record check.
– **Skill Validation:** Ensure that candidates possess the skills they claim to have on their resumes.
– **Fraud Prevention:** Protect your organization from potential data theft or other fraudulent activities by verifying a candidate’s integrity.

Ensuring a Safe Work Culture

Skipping reference checks can lead to hiring individuals who hide violent behavior, fraud, or poor performance. Such hires can jeopardize the safety of your organization and its employees. Conducting thorough reference checks mitigates these risks, fostering a secure and trustworthy work environment.

Verifacts’ Reference Check Services

Verifacts uses advanced technology to perform quick and efficient employee reference checks, removing the burden from your HR team. With Verifacts, you can focus on growing your business, confident in the integrity of your new hires.

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