Oftentimes when situations are hard and life is unmanageable because one cannot have a stable career or maintain a job, people resort to falsifying claims on their profile to attract long term contracts and higher salaries. 

The only constant in all our lives is change: and to adapt to change, one should understand that lay-offs must not tempt us to lie and provide fake details on our applications. Most employees applying for jobs tend to forge documents and furbish wrong resumes so that they can conceal the truth at the time of interviews. 

But we ask you…is it really worth lying for a small gain and risk it all getting out in the open embarrassingly? No, it’s unethical and immoral to lie about your experience and salaries not only because it tarnishes your character but also takes away the chance of employment to someone that is genuinely qualified and furnishes the right details. 

The best way to avoid this issue for your organization is to conduct routine background checks and verification. Hiring people based on true character and genuine details will always be a win for your team as well as give the right person the right chance. Integrity and honesty is always preferred over exciting and fake details on one’s profile!

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