Your background verification reports are large in size & complicated in details. Oftentimes, if you have hired a fraudulent background checking agency, you could be a victim of fake or unfinished or fabricated reports. How to know what’s real and what’s not?

When they say ‘everything is not the way it seems’, that means you usually need further evidence to substantiate details in a report. Something to corroborate details to, to confirm that what is being written is true and honest. 

One such agency in Mumbai was operating several branches all over India and conducting fraudulent practices. This was done by offering services for background checks, verifications and styles of investigation at minimal throw-away prices. Many clients fell prey to this scheme and it surprises us to what extent companies can go to, to make money and con their clients, who have faith and trust in them. 

The way they smarted their way through reports was by creating fake police verifications with fake stamps, seals and other signatures. Forging, misrepresenting and misinforming. Once caught and punished for these actions, the team members of the company have yet again formed another agency and continue to con clients by carrying out wrong and illicit reporting activities. Can they be trusted for a clean job? Not at all. It is always best to check reviews, feedback and experience of an agency before hiring them to safeguard your hiring process. 

Prevention is always better than punishment! 

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