In an era marked by rising identity thefts, cyber threats, and the challenge of validating intricate IDs, Aadhaar Verification emerges as a vital tool. This 12-digit unique identification number, encompassing fingerprints, face and eye scans, issued by the Indian government, ensures robust identity verification, minimizing the risk of fraud.

Aadhaar Card Verification is integral to various sectors like banking, telecom, government services, e-commerce, and more. It streamlines the KYC process, fortifying against duplicate, fake, and ghost identities during onboarding and partnerships.

Why Aadhaar Verification?

– Mitigates identity fraud risks
– Enhances verification efficiency
– Speeds up the process to minutes
– Eliminates duplicates and fakes

The Need for Aadhaar Verification API

Essential for businesses, financial institutions, or any entity prioritizing customer credibility. Verifacts’ Aadhaar Verification API offers swift, secure, and reliable identity verification. The API ensures real-time checks against the UIDAI database, maintaining data privacy.

Why Choose Verifacts’ Aadhaar Verification API?

– Simple and user-friendly
– Fraud detection capabilities
– Plug and play APIs
– Regulatory compliance
– Real-time verification
– Industry’s fastest onboarding TAT

Types of Aadhaar Verification APIs:

– Aadhaar Paperless
– Aadhaar Paperless Offline eKYC
– Aadhaar Verification via Digilocker
– Aadhaar QR Search

Workflow of Verifacts Aadhaar Authentication API:

Consent Requirement → Authentication Request Initiation → Biometric Authentication → OTP Authentication → Authentication Response from UIDAI

Get Verifacts Aadhaar Verification APIs for:

– White Collar and Blue-Collar Employee Onboarding
– Customer Onboarding
– Third-Party Onboarding
– Tenant Verification
– Players Verification

Ease your compliance journey with our robust Aadhaar API. Start today to validate Aadhaar in bulk within minutes and streamline your onboarding processes effectively. #AadhaarVerification #IdentityValidation #VerifactsAPI #StreamlineOnboarding

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