Drivers and riders are an essential part of logistics and delivery service organisations. They are responsible for packages, big and small, to be delivered in prime shape without damage or other hindrances to clients and customers. While organisations need a whole lot of manpower for such tasks, it is easy to get lost in the details and quickly hire employees. 

One of our experiences with a client helps you understand how it is very important to conduct a background verification for your drivers and riders to ensure safe and secure services rendered by your employees. An E-Commerce organisation was expanding its operations and looking to hire delivery executives in bulk for their work. They did not shy away from conducting background screenings for each one, even if it took them more time to confirm hires. This was a sound decision as a court record check, among other fronts, was carried out on each candidate without fail. A court record check helps to see if any complaints, civil and criminal, have been logged in against a certain person. In our screening for every candidate, an alarming rate of red flags popped up for 60%+ candidates, including false claims under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and many of them booked under negligent driving and harmful activities causing danger to public on the roads.

This calls to attention how even the smallest of tasks and positions that need to be filled, should be properly checked before being assigned. A driver holds responsibility to deliver your cargo, shipments and important packages with diligence and care. A background check is always necessary to ascertain whether he is the right man for the job. Prevention is always better than punishment, never forget! 

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