The healthcare industry is one of the most fast-moving industries that requires employers to
take special care while hiring team members. As fluid an industry as healthcare is, it is important
to hire professionals with proven education & experience records. After all, the health of your
patients is in their hands.

Exceptional training, high moral values, honesty, zero criminal records and high-quality
caregiving are just a few of the parameters one must check thoroughly before choosing to hire a
specific candidate. To help you navigate the waters of hiring right at a medical organization,
here are some key points to keep in mind:

Criminal Records
Tapping global databases to check for any criminal activities is essential to knowing who you are
hiring in a medical/pharmaceutical field. The search draws from millions of records across
various jurisdictions and databases and helps you know if your applicant has any complaints,
offenses to his name.

Sex Offenders Records
Similar to a criminal record search, it is essential to carry out a sex offence verification to ensure
that your candidates are of a moral & genuine nature without any malice or wrong intentions.

Drug Screening
A tox screen on a routine basis is necessary for your current team as well as while hiring a new
candidate. Healthcare workers have access to prescription drugs at all times, and it is important
to check past history of abuse or misuse of drugs to ensure that you are not hiring an addict.

Identity Verification
Misrepresentation can lead to drastic situations when it comes to hiring the wrong candidate at
a healthcare firm. A thorough background check to know who your candidate is, where they
come from, where they live and what they claim is important.

Education Check
Most jobs in the healthcare industry ask for a well-trained professional with secondary degree
education along with hands-on experience that can be proven. It is important to thoroughly
check all education claims of a candidate to make sure they are not faking any details to look

Additionally, we also recommend ensuring that you verify all healthcare sanctions in your
jurisdiction and that your candidates have not violated any of them. It is important to also speak
to past employers and teachers to understand the characteristics of your applicant better. Our
experts at Verifacts help you understand better; choose better. We guide you every step of the
way when it comes to knowing your candidates perfectly. Prevention is always better than
punishment, and in an industry like healthcare the punishment can often be hefty!

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