The tools of the trade for the hiring industry have evolved over the years to smoothen the process of recruitment. These tools have made it possible to reduce the intensity of labor involved. However, there is always room for improvement and many more tools have come into the mix to help HR leaders and business executives perfect their jobs. Here are some of the trends that we could pick up in the near future!

Gamifying Talent Acquisition
Gamification is a useful tool in assessing candidates’ abilities in creative ways rather than the traditional boo-hoos of written tests. Gamification helps in identifying problem-solving, cognitive thinking and creative skills through gameplay. This also adds a bonus of FUN to the process!

Similarly, gamification is also being applied in on-the-job training modules rather than sending out reports and guidebooks on how-to-better yourself. This tool may just revolutionize the hiring industry and attract top-notch highly-skilled employees to your companies!

It’s Called HUMAN-Resources: Make It Personal!
Recruitment is not just about finding the best for your company. It’s also about being the best employer to be working for. Apart from the crystal-clear interviews, gripping group discussions and hiring tests, don’t forget to add the ‘human’ of HR to a hiring process. Have hiring managers get in touch personally with candidates to take them out for a meal or an office tour to help them understand the organization better.

AI Works Through Talent Searches & Recruitment
Streamlining the process of skimming through profiles & finding the right fit can be time-consuming when done manually. However, with the arrival of AI into our worlds, this is getting to be a much easier task with a software and smart-system working through candidate applications to find the top set of well-fitting candidatures for your job opening. Making this a simpler, quicker and smoother task will be very, very beneficial to hiring departments.

Social Media Screening: Smoothens!
Some experts feel that there will be an advent of tools that aid in easily screening candidates’ social media profiles for better background checks too. Recruiters everywhere want to know if candidates are the right fit even in the public eye as a company representative and having a look at their social profile helps them understand.

Hiring Tools Will Get More Traction
Artificial Intelligence has been picking up in every field making work as well as daily tasks a piece of cake. In the HR industry, we could see a chop-down in the time it takes from receiving applications to confirming hires by automating responses, job descriptions, initial conversations as well as employee and candidate evaluation. While new tools surface all the time, make sure to keep an eye out for these tools and what they can do for you too

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