At many organizations, background checks and identity verifications and re-verifications are routine processes followed to maintain an updated knowledge about team members and those that work for a company. For some organizations, it is essential to conduct mid-term screenings to update information about existing employees. Whether they’ve been with you for one year or ten, it is important to maintain confidence in your employees, and that is mainly achieved by knowing all there is to know about them. 

The value of conducting pre-employment background checks lies in making sound hiring decisions. Similarly, conducting background verifications to update existing knowledge for existing employees is beneficial to an organization when it comes time for promotions, redistribution or simply in deciding whether to retain one as an employee or not. Conducting routine background checks for new as well as existing employees can keep the team well in loop about any issues that may have surfaced more recently or any social/legal developments when it comes to some employees.

Increasing numbers of employers are becoming more and more aware of the value of post-hire background checks for their existing employees. Here’s a gist of the various reasons that one may conduct a post-hire background check on their employees:


When an employee is being considered for reassignment to a new project, department or location, it is recommended to conduct a background screening for any recent developments in  personal, professional, social or criminal fronts. The new position offered may have different responsibilities, and the capabilities of your staff in such a case must be checked before choosing to rehire them to a different task. 


Oftentimes employers conduct background checks and character verifications to judge whether a certain employee should be retained or laid off, depending on social, ethical, moral or character-based developments. Before you decide to conduct lay-offs for certain team-members, it is essential to know perfectly who to keep and who to let go of. 


Promotions, as much as reassignments involve delegating new tasks and responsibilities, and to ensure that your employees being reassigned are capable to conduct said tasks and roles, it is suggested to conduct a background check to ensure that the right talent is being promoted for a new role. 

Workplace Incidents

Many companies have shifted to conducting routine background checks as a result of unfavourable incidents at the workspace. Whether it is an accident, a fraud or simply a social or criminal offense, companies are urged to conduct routine background screenings to ensure that the right kind of candidates are being hired and retained at organizations. This helps in avoiding unfavourable situations as well as maintaining a record for insurance & legal purposes. It helps the organization also learn further into an employee’s past actions & prevent similar incidents from occurring again. 

Health & Well-Being Checks

Last, but not the least, many organizations conduct routine screenings & checks to ensure that their teams are in the right frame of mind. This helps them ascertain what sides of their working roles cause stress & turmoil to their day to day living, and also in determining how best to help them. For example, right from yoga sessions, pep talks, outdoor activities & various engagements are planned & executed to help employees let go of their stress & have a strong motivation when it comes to work. Psychometric tests can be ordered in case an employee seems like they are battling mental health issues too. 

Implementing an ongoing background check process on existing employees can offer you big benefits and also safeguard you from detrimental situations. Effective communication of details helps an organization stay prepared for a rainy day and benefits the health & productivity of the organization as a whole. A well organized post-hire screening process may feel like a confidence-inducing activity if employees are educated enough & made aware of why certain verifications are carried out. It shows that you care for them & look out for them. 

Our teams strive to work with various global databases as well as various organizations to bring you transparency & clear knowledge about those that work for you, worked for you or will work for you. Get in touch with us, because knowing those that are around you is always a good thing! 

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