While we all are rushing to hire applicants with picture perfect profiles that offer impressive details & even better work experiences, it is important to take a beat and wonder whether something is too perfect.

Did you miss something? Did you forget to check something? A detail looks too perfect maybe?

Yes, there are various moments when one can miss a discrepancy in quick hiring. Discrepancies can range from faulty addresses, previous employment details, office addresses or even banking details. When it comes to statistics, we have noticed that the top industries that tend to lose sight of discrepancies are telecom, travel, recruitment, retail & pharma industries. Whether it’s a lower level job or a senior level position, discrepancies are being noticed at all levels and quite frequently even for higher level positions.

We try our best to screen applicants thoroughly to give you full details, transparency & honesty before you decide to hire a certain applicant. Out of 250 leadership related screenings, our team has found at least 20 serious concern discrepancies in the past few months. This speaks very largely about whether senior level management can be trusted or not; employment, salary & behavioral records bring into question the basic character of applicants.

What are our most caught on discrepancies? Here’s a gist of the highest percentage of details being faked or fraudulently submitted.

Dates of Employment
This fact has taken a serious turn since the pandemic started. Because of the numerous layoffs globally & hire-and-fire methods that many startups adopt, we have noticed a major portion of discrepancies being the dates of employment. So that an applicant is not questioned about certain periods or months that he/she was unemployed, many times we see faked dates to show longer working periods than is actually true. Our team gets in touch with previous employers to corroborate all details, whether big or small.

Whether it’s higher school education or your university degrees, our team with careful verifications and confirming details with institutions has found that a major percentage of applicants fake their educational details like names of university, period of attendance and grades to look better professionally. These details when caught in time help us corroborate the correct details & reasons for faulty mentioning of details. Checking with institutes also gives our team an insight into the character and personality of the applicant as well as any incidents that may be important that aren’t mentioned by the applicant at the time of job.

Experience & Accomplishments
While many profiles mention a correct list of all tasks carried out on a day to day basis as well as accomplishments that are truly involving the applicant himself/herself, many times we receive details & on corroborating each point, we find that many profiles are decorated with tasks that were not truly the applicant’s but of someone else. More often than not, applicants tend to steal the limelight for another’s accomplishment and mention it as their own. Inflating a profile can result in detrimental effects when a discrepancy is caught.

In order to raise the monthly earning, the most often found discrepancy is one of the monthly salary received at a previous employment. Even salary slips are edited and faked to prove the same. But when our teams ring up the employers and speak with various departments, it is found that salaries are raised and mentioned to be able to receive a higher income than is relevant to the job description. Exaggerated salaries are often spotted early on in an application, despite how clean the profile may look.

Criminal Records
Lying through omission is still lying. When an applicant fails to mention that there is a criminal past to his profile, it becomes problematic once the same has been found out by our teams. This omission of fact endangers the organization’s reputation, team members as well as the financial stature of a company. Whether it’s misdemeanor, theft, assault or simply embezzlement, criminal records have a way of catching up to us.

It’s always better to get your details right before a wrongful hire is carried out. Our teams help you go through major databases to cover all details mentioned on your applicant’s profile: what’s true, what’s not true & what’s hidden too. Make sure you hire right. Prevention is always better than punishment!

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