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It is important to know the whereabouts of a person in order to have full confidence in his/her credentials. If a candidate is looking to join your firm, commit a crime and disappear. He or she is most likely going to provide you with incorrect address information.

This can be tackled through the verification of the address provided. We conduct address verifications by sending a field officer to visit the aforementioned address and authenticate the address details, tenure of stay, type of residence etc. We can also track the address by an online method without visiting the address.

TYPE Online Physical ID
Address of a Candidate is verified during a call or link is shared with Candidate which tracks his/her Geolocation
Address is verified by physically visiting at the address and ensuring candidate is staying at the provided address by verifying with the subject, landlord, family member. Details of the address like tenure, nature of residence and type of residence is also confirmed by the verifier.
Any government issued ID proof which contains address is verified with the authority and if authenticated same is taken as confirmation of address mentioned on the ID proof.
Online address check ensures quick closure of address authentication. This check is especially carried out when physical movement at any location is limited due to reasons like COVID-19, Curfew etc. Off late online address check has been found very useful by BFSI and healthcare sector clients.
Physical address check verifies exact address of the Candidate. Unlike online address check physical address check ensures there is no variation in terms of authenticating the complete address of the Candidate. This check is especially performed by sectors like IT/ITES, Guarding, Manpower consultancies, education and automobile.
This takes care of both ID and addresses check and is therefore performed at a time when a client wants address and ID check to be completed on priority and on a relatively lower cost.
1-3 WD
10-14 WD
5-7 WD


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