One of our Andhra Pradesh based clients was all set to onboard a new employee. As part of the routine checks conducted before confirming employment, Verifacts also does a thorough check on financials including the person’s EPFO account. 

This is a new regulation at our company to filter through the riff-raff as many employees in today’s time hold two or more jobs without informing or coming clean. Moonlighting has become a regular affair at many companies and we have introduced this check to protect their interests and future. 

On conducting this check on the candidate, we found that he had lied about having left his previous employment. He was still shown as employed with his past three employers and was receiving regular PF deposits from all three of them. This was a big red flag and serious concern. Our team immediately notified the client as well as his previous three employers about this discrepancy. Out client sent a show-cause notice to the candidate and we prevented them from onboarding a wrong hire. 

We make it a point to inform our clients to conduct such routine checks on existing employees too to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of.

Prevention is always better than punishment!

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