Moonlighting Check / Dual Employment

Moonlighting Check / Dual Employment

Employee moonlighting is a situation in which an employee works more than one job. Usually, the moonlighting employee has one full-time job and one part-time job, though some use the term to refer to any situation in which a person works for more than one company. Most moonlighting situations that may require an employer to develop a moonlighting policy occur when the moonlighting employee has a “primary,” usually full-time position, and a “secondary,” or part-time position. 

How is moonlighting check carried out?

Every organization has to provide for employee Employer’s Provident Fund. With the help of the UAN number provided, ex-employer details can be obtained, and verified.

The following information shows up when verifying the UAN details

– Candidate Name
– Father’s/Husband’s name
– Name of Organization
– Date of Joining (DOJ)
– Date of Exit (DOE)


When you look closer at the reports you will notice that the date of employments overlaps for some candidates, which mean they have been working at more than one company at once for a specific period of time. 

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