Understanding the Why and How of Post-Employment Background Checks

In today’s dynamic workforce landscape, employers face multifaceted challenges in talent acquisition and retention. Hiring the right person for the right job has never been more critical, especially amidst a global economy and a highly mobile workforce. Traditional recruitment methods, such as candidate interviews, are no longer sufficient to make informed hiring decisions. The success […]

Unveiling the Real Reasons Behind Companies’ Discontent with Their Background Screening Providers

Discover why 7 out of 10 companies are dissatisfied with their current background screening providers and how Verifacts stands apart from the rest. 1. Subpar Customer Service 📞 Many companies feel undervalued and neglected by their screening providers. At Verifacts, we prioritize communication and ensure every client receives personalized attention from our leadership team, promptly […]

Key Considerations for Hiring Senior-Level Executives

In today’s corporate landscape, ensuring the integrity and suitability of senior-level hires is paramount to the success and reputation of any organization. Here are the top 5 crucial aspects to verify before making that critical decision: 1. Professional Reputation: Assessing the candidate’s reputation within the industry and reviewing their professional achievements can provide valuable insights […]

Unlocking the Power of GST ID Verification API for Businesses

Why Embrace GST ID Verification? 🔍 Ensure Tax Compliance: Validate GST numbers to prevent tax evasion and ensure entities are operating legitimately.🛡️ Combat Fraud: Detect identity theft, misuse, and fake dealer fraud by verifying GST IDs, safeguarding against financial loss.🤝 Foster Trust: Enable reliable B2B transactions by validating GST registration status, promoting trust and seamless […]

Unmasking the Threat of Fake Education Certificates in Hiring

Navigating the Risks of Misrepresentation:In a fiercely competitive job market, candidates resort to misrepresenting their educational qualifications to stand out. The prevalence of falsifications makes background checks a crucial tool for companies to ensure they hire the right candidates, preventing future hazards. Crucial Role of Education Verification:Fudging educational details, hiding gaps, or claiming degrees from […]

Navigating Credit Checks in Employee Screening

Understanding the Role of Credit Checks:Employee Credit checks are pivotal in offering a snapshot of an individual’s financial history. In India, validated credit scores from CIBIL, Experian, Equifax, and others are essential for assessing an applicant’s fiscal responsibility, especially relevant for positions involving financial management. What a Credit Check Reveals?:Credit checks unveil critical financial details […]

Demystifying the Employee Background Screening Process at Verifacts

At Verifacts, we recognize the crucial role employee background screening plays in the hiring process. Our seasoned team collaborates extensively to ensure a meticulous and effective background screening procedure, earning us a reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes. The Significance of Employee Background Screening: Organizations reap numerous benefits from the employee background screening process. It empowers […]

Safeguarding Against PAN Card Fraud in India’s Digital Era: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction:As India rapidly embraces a digital economy, the convenience of online transactions and digital identification documents comes hand in hand with an escalating risk of cybercrimes, identity theft, and financial frauds. This article delves into the rising prevalence of PAN card frauds, explores methods to check for fraudulent activities, emphasizes the importance of safeguarding your […]

Navigating the Legal Landscape of Holding Multiple Jobs: Remote Work and Termination Risks

In the ever-evolving work landscape shaped by the pandemic, the concept of holding two jobs has become increasingly common, especially with the rise of remote work. This shift prompts essential questions about the legal implications of pursuing a second job, including the risk of termination and potential conflicts. Here’s what you need to know: The […]

Ensuring Workplace Wellness: The Imperative for Regular Drug Screening

Mr. S****A, an HR-Head at a startup, vividly recalls an incident that prompted him to recognize the necessity for routine drug abuse testing among his employees in India. A call from a manager about an employee needing urgent hospitalization revealed a serious issue. The employee, visibly distressed with red eyes, shaky body, and reluctance to […]