Prevention is better than punishment: Workspace thefts!

Thefts are very common whether at your workspace or your personal spaces. Theft is the act of stealing: physical materials, personal materials or sensitive data. Theft at workspaces can occur in many forms: from the workspace, from employees’ person or from the organizational system. One such way to prevent theft is to thoroughly vet your […]

A stitch in time, saves nine: Getting details right!

While we all are rushing to hire applicants with picture perfect profiles that offer impressive details & even better work experiences, it is important to take a beat and wonder whether something is too perfect. Did you miss something? Did you forget to check something? A detail looks too perfect maybe? Yes, there are various […]

Know your hire: Payscale frauds!

As a background verification company, it is our duty to help you discover every truth and transparency about your candidates & applicants. While a profile can look very impressive with excellent education & experience, it is important to verify minor details & get feedback from references.  One such case opens your eyes to how choosing one’s payscale […]

You Should Run A Background Check on Existing Employees. Here’s Why!

Employee Verification

At many organizations, background checks and identity verifications and re-verifications are routine processes followed to maintain an updated knowledge about team members and those that work for a company. For some organizations, it is essential to conduct mid-term screenings to update information about existing employees. Whether they’ve been with you for one year or ten, […]

Delivery Gone Wrong: Watch Out For Criminal Records Too

While logistics is a large industry, delivery agencies can fall into legal troubles very easily if a delivery process goes wrong. Many times, delivery agencies, like one reputed online retail client we have had, ensure that correct background verifications and checks are conducted before employing delivery agents & logistical runners for their deliveries & couriers. […]

The “High” Standards

Verifacts continuously strives for zero defect and high-quality recruitment processes in order to avoid any dubious backgrounds being encountered at a later stage. A lot of examples of testing employees with fake resumes and other credentials have been a continuous challenge however what was extremely rare was one of the cases where the credentials surpassed […]

Are background checks appropriate for Top level hires only?

Are background checks appropriate for Top level hires only?

Should one spend on background checks for junior staff or entry-level employees? A common question that crosses every employer’s mind is should they spend on screening such candidates in the first place.It is for a much-known fact that most entry-level staff are only testing waters and are constantly job-hopping. Investing in the recruiting process and […]

Reading between the lines in a Résumé

Resume writting

Here it is, the most run of the mill experience by a job seeker: So, you’ve posted a job vacancy on a recruitment website and the next thing you know, your inbox is flooded with resumes of very promising candidates, promising in inverted commas.  Then begins the scrutiny: the googly of a screening process – […]

A Lie Worth 12 lakhs

A lie worth 12 Lakhs Integrity trumps merit… and is always worth much more…   The HR Department of a reputed media firm was on the verge of hiring a new department head for their online vertical. She was smart and well reputed in the industry. She was however a very expensive hire if she was […]

Case Study: The Bank is your Best Friend

When it comes to background verifications, documentation is the prime evidence of sorts. It is the guiding light to begin your checking and verifications in a systematic and smooth manner. Most documentations offered by applicants are educational and identity based. However, an important aspect of background verifications is to ensure that banking documents and financial activities are monitored too.Something […]