Getting Ghosted? Here’s How To Avoid Losing Your Candidate’s Interest!

It is a common occurrence where organizations tend to ghost employees by not responding to their inquiries or not informing them in the case of a negating a profile for hire. However, more often we see candidates ghosting organizations when it has been too long to hear back from their HR departments. This is a […]

Moonlighting – More the merrier??

Moonlighting Service is a common term used to signify the act of undertaking multiple jobs apart from your primary employment. It doesn’t mean just one or two jobs at a time. It can be 7 jobs at a time if one is capable and agile enough to undertake them.  During the coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown forced […]

Gig Economy: How It’s Affecting Your Organization!

Gig-economy is the newest catchphrase on the professional block. It basically means a working environment that relies less on permanent contract employees and more on freelancers and project-based talent. There are various reasons why organizations may choose to work in a gig-economy styled environment. They may try to save money that would otherwise become a burden […]

Moonlighting – The New Professional Trick!

While working multiple jobs has been prevalent in days of the past, nowadays, it has increased in every field. Today, moonlighting service poses a threat to organizations by way of competitiveness and effects the mental and physical health of employees which in turn affects their ability to work at their most optimal.  What can you […]

Are your employees Moonlighting?

One of our Andhra Pradesh based clients was all set to onboard a new employee. As part of the routine checks conducted before confirming employment, Verifacts also does a thorough check on financials including the person’s EPFO account.  This is a new regulation at our company to filter through the riff-raff as many employees in […]

Candidate on a lying spree

A client of ours requested background verifications for some candidates who were applying for a mid-senior level job. On checking document submissions by all of them, we found one that stood out. This candidate had an impressive profile of previous employment and on checking each one, we found that he had faked the entire list, […]

Faking All The Way? Pick Agencies Wisely!


A background verification agency is always here to help you look through the books and crannies to understand where your applicants are lying, misinforming, or hiding. But, have you checked the agency you are hiring too? One such case came out way, where a background verification company was taking reports and details back to their […]

Hitting & Running: BEWARE!


Hiring drivers is much harder than one can think. After all, your life is literally in your driver’s hands when you are commuting or traveling. Whether it’s an accident, style of driving or credentials, caution must be taken in order to hire a trustworthy and experienced driver for your personal and professional needs. One of our […]

Fake Insurance claims!? Stop these with proper background checks


Applying for an insurance policy? Make sure to find the right centers for your testing. One such case had come our way, that brought to light a racket about fraudulent stamping and providing of medical records and certificates and reports. In Mumbai, a police raid led by a PI was conducted on the Nursing Home […]

Prevention saves everyone’s time!


An education check is as important as a criminal, social or employment check. Our Bangalore team was catering to a request by one of our long-standing clients with a background check for various applicants for a position they were trying to fill. In carrying out other checks, an education verification was required too. One of […]