A Little Goes A Long Way: Choose Background Verifications For Hiring Right!

Why do we exist? To make hiring breezy for you. At Verifacts, we understand the consequences of hiring the wrong team member. Whether a past that is dotted with offenses or a personality that affects your organization’s productivity, we understand how a wrong hire can turn things upside down for your company and your people.  […]

Manage your time, before your time manages you!

Many a-times we overwork ourselves, burn out and lose our productivity and skills. It takes a long time to build back from how successful we used to be, because we overworked ourselves and now don’t have the energy or mental strength to do any more. Lately, more and more people, whether working at offices or […]

Know Where Your People Live: Here’s Why Address Verifications Are Essential

A background verification entails various details like education, previous employment, references, behavioral testimonies, identity and offenses. One of the most important out of these verifications is an address check of where you physically reside while applying for a position at a company. Why is this done? Sometimes, companies receive applications from those that are not […]

True or not? Cross check reports always!

Your background verification reports are large in size & complicated in details. Oftentimes, if you have hired a fraudulent background checking agency, you could be a victim of fake or unfinished or fabricated reports. How to know what’s real and what’s not? When they say ‘everything is not the way it seems’, that means you […]

Taking An Ex-Employee Back? Here’s How To Do It!

When it comes to exes, we’re all very apprehensive of taking them back. Here, we talk about professional exes, and how rehiring them can be a boon, if done the right way. When it comes to hiring, your background verification and identity check process must apply equally to new applicants as well as rehires. It […]

Rehire? Rethink, revise and reassess always!

When it comes to rehiring employees to either temporarily fill vacant spaces or command a permanent position, we always recommend extra caution. Most companies trust their ex-employees to be truthful, faithful and diligent because they have already worked with them in the past. However, this is not always the case. People change every minute, and […]

Vroom, vroom: Know your delivery agents well!

Drivers and riders are an essential part of logistics and delivery service organisations. They are responsible for packages, big and small, to be delivered in prime shape without damage or other hindrances to clients and customers. While organisations need a whole lot of manpower for such tasks, it is easy to get lost in the […]

Psychometric Testing: Everything You Need To Know About it !

In today’s time, there are various methods organizations adopt to vet their candidates to the T before hiring them. Some of these background verifications include education, employment, criminal as well as social media investigations. These give the employers a keener look into the details provided by an applicant as well as their true life behind-the-scenes. […]

Fake It Till You Make It? Strong NO

The phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ floats around every professional environment as a shortcut to success. However, how beneficial is such a process, really? Our Bangalore office once received a verification request from one of our reputed clients for a certain candidate for a mid-senior level role. This candidate’s profile reflected strong claims […]