Car fleets, cab companies and similar organizations hire in multitudes when it comes to drivers & riders for within city limits or inter-city travel. This is a sensitive form of hiring because you are indirectly responsible for the safety, comfort and lives of many other people on a daily basis. Whether it be your customers hailing cabs from place to place or other individuals on the road while your drivers commute and drive around. 

Hiring for this sector is a tough journey as there have been an uncountable number of times when customers have been harassed and worse by drivers of these vehicles and services. Whether it is behavioral checks, educational background or simply their morality that comes under the radar – how do we truly know if they are qualified to be driving strangers around in cities? 

Recently, our team at Verifacts was conducting an in-depth verification and check for one of our clients from the sector and happened upon a questionable profile. This particular applicant for the position of a driver ticked off boxes seamlessly when it came to address, identity, and court checks. However, we stumbled upon the simplest and most important check for such a position – the qualification to really drive. YES!

He failed his check when we found out that he failed his test and does not hold a valid driver’s license. While this may be seemingly insignificant – it is the most important aspect that is often missed by hiring companies. After all, if he is applying to be one of our drivers, of course he will have a driver’s license. But not really, this must not be assumed and taken for granted. Prevention is always better than punishment. CHECK EVERYTHING ALWAYS!

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