Diversity in the workspace is increasingly being recognized as not just a moral but also a business necessity. In today’s economy, having everyone on board regardless of their race, color or gender preferences is important; if they are talented, they are hired!

However, with the clash of generations, mindsets and opinions, achieving diversity is a multi-faceted and ongoing challenge for recruiters and c-suite panels of many brands. Recruiters have one of the most important tasks in that they have to find, attract and hire the most qualified candidates for positions that need filling. Traditional methods rely solely on personal networks, educational institutions or job fairs. However, the modern methods involve posting on social media, recruitment websites, connecting on LinkedIn or business events.

Here are some quick hacks on how to improve and increase diversity in the candidate pool for
various companies:

Cover more recruiting ground
Broaden your recruiting sources with job advertisements on platforms, events that target underrepresented groups and online recruiting resources that focus on inclusivity and diversity.

Acknowledge your shortcomings
More often than not, we suffer unconscious bias during recruitment which may not be properly addressed in our lives. The best way is to strongly acknowledge this fact. By using software that hides names, addresses or using a separate team member to conduct screenings, this bias can be alleviated from hiring processes. Interviews that focus on experience and qualifications rather than personal, social or spiritual journeys is a better way to maintain professional diversity and inclusivity.

Inclusivity Groups Help
Get in touch with groups that promote diversity and inclusivity and partner with them to find you exceptional talent regardless of your inhibitions. These kinds of organizations help recruiters connect with candidates and provide resources and support for making your workspace more inclusive.

Company Culture & Goals
Finding diverse candidates is one thing, helping them have a good induction and working experience is another. Ensuring that your workplace and team members understand the importance of diversity and inclusivity will help make it easier to attract candidates to your job openings and retain them for a long time.

An inclusive and diverse workplace is always preferred by candidates applying for jobs owing to emotional safety, vibrant and positive working environments and a chance to grow as a professional. By working together, team members can create an environment that is conducive to diversity and inclusivity to attract, retain and grow excellent talent. Don’t hire because, hire DESPITE!

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