Analyzing skills and the gaps in skill-sets helps determine the difference between the current set
of skills one has, whether newly hired or an existent employee, and a desired skill-set for a
future job role. Many brands use this analysis to discover abilities of an individual that may or
may not be conducive to a job where specific tasks are required to be conducted.
Once this data is available, hiring departments are able to address this gap with training,
retraining and other means of planning. Workplaces evolve faster than employees and can
adapt to technologies and practices when the skill-sets of employees grow too.
So conducting a skill-gap analysis helps you to:

Address shortcomings
Yes, no two people are the same. However, they can be brought to similar capabilities with a
little training and retraining. But this can only be done once an analysis tells you what’s missing
or what needs polishing. A skill-gap analysis tells you where a staff member may require further
training to bring them up to a specific level.

Opens more Professional Doors
Employees tend to hold themselves in contempt when it comes to not being able to conduct a
certain task. They strongly believe they are an unsatisfactory resource in particular areas
because they lack the skill-set to conduct the task and are reluctant to speak up and ask for
further training. However, ascertaining these misses and working on them progressively helps
employees gain confidence as well as work on tasks that further their careers too.

Makes A Recruiter’s Life Easy
A skill-gap study helps recruiters comprehend capabilities as well as create well-written job
descriptions to attract the right kind of talent and suitable candidates.

Promote & Promote
Ascertaining one’s misses in a skill set can help in retraining and pushing them forward.
Similarly, if an analysis tells you that you are underpaying or under-recruiting a candidate, their
skill set may help in filling a role that is much higher; hence, creating room for promotions.

Be Productive, B-E productive
As a better skill set comes your way, you are bound to be more confident and more productive
too. A skill-gap analysis helps in boosting your productivity by giving you the requisite tools and
skills to work on harder and better tasks in a more efficient manner.
All the benefits of skill-set analysis and we still don’t know how to do it. The best way to
ascertain skillsets is to decide why it’s needed in the first place. Some reasons why you may do
an Individual skill-set analysis are:

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